1 Month

1 month blog

How in the world are you already 1 month old?!  Oh sweet Finn, we are having so much fun with you.  Your first two weeks of life were very laid back.  You were completely content with just being held, sleeping and eating.  You even did a couple of 4 hour stretches at night between feedings. […]

It takes a village (at least!)


So real life is here and it’s exhausting.  Like, something I have never experienced.  Someone said to Ryan a few months ago, “One kid is like having a hobby.  Two is when s*#% gets real.”  Amen to that my friend!  What do you do when both kids are crying?  You decide who needs you more […]

Finley James


Sweet Finn.  You pretty much had everyone thinking you were a girl while mommy was pregnant.  This pregnancy was so different from Sam right from the beginning.  I was sick almost everyday up until 12 weeks, carried way lower and felt much smaller all the way around.  While part of me does want a girl […]

Finn’s Nursery

finns before

While I was pregnant, when people would ask, “What are you having?” and I told them we didn’t find out, the next response was always, “How will you know what to do with the nursery?”  I absolutely loved not finding out what we were having.  It was the most thrilling experience to not have any […]

What’s in the bag?


If you’re having a c-section, your stay in the hospital isn’t a quick one.  On average most c-section moms  will stay for 72 hours after delivery in the hospital.  There are definitely positives and negatives to this.  On the plus side, you know where each one of your meals are coming from for at least […]