2 Months

2 monthsportrait

“He’s chubby!”  One of your biggest admirers says this, with near shock in her voice, every time she see’s you Finn.  The rolls are coming in and they are oh so adorable on you.  Just this week I pulled out size 6 month clothing from storage.  Growing boy! You are coo’ing up a storm and […]

5 Years and Counting…


Today this handsome fella and I celebrate 5 years of pure marital bliss.  Ok, so it hasn’t been all bliss but I can’t imagine spending it with anyone else.  Ryan and I often reminisce about how we met and who we were when we met.  Two 19 year old kids who’s only concerns at the […]

Favorite Pinterest Recipes

PicMonkey Collage

I’m a Pinterest junkie.  When I was pregnant with Finn, every night as I lay in bed I would scan through new recipes to whip up…most of them sweets.  I would get so excited about my new finds that I would end up dreaming about them!  NO JOKE.  I love being in the kitchen whether […]

Mothers Day


Last year for Mothers Day, my mom, sisters and I all went to a local event and spent the day together.  We had so much fun that we vowed to try to do that every year.  Not just go to someones house for lunch/dinner but to do an activity with one another.  Just the girls. […]

Ingredients Every Mom Needs

samand i

Faith I can do all things through Christ, who strengthens me.  Philippians 4:13 My strength as a mother is through none other than Christ.  There have been times when I’ve felt so overwhelmed, defeated and broken as a mother.  When I physically or emotionally don’t have the strength I drop to my knees and fix […]