Tranformation Tuesday {Entry}


Initially, we didn’t give much thought to the entry.  Our focus was primarily on getting hardwood floors installed through out the house, getting the wallpaper down and fresh paint up.  But you see, the more I walk around a project, the more ideas I get.  These ideas typically aren’t just, oh I changed my mind on […]

Hello Belly {1st Trimester Recap}

13 weeks2

This Wednesday marks 22 weeks!  It’s crazy how fast time is flying by this time around.  This pregnancy has been entirely different from the first.  Here’s a recap of the 1st trimester:     If I could have just skipped 4am-8am and 6pm-8pm, I would have been fine.  But like clock work when those times […]

Luke’s Woodland Baby Shower

drink table

This past weekend I had the pleasure of co-hosting a shower for Ryan’s cousins.  I love hosting events whether it’s baby, birthday or bridal, sign me up.  I’ve always said in my next life I want to be an event planner.  I just love the entire process of coming up with a design theme and […]

Transformation Tuesday {House Renovation}


Ryan and I like projects.  Not just your “let’s repaint our bedroom” projects but more like, “if we take down this wall and build a built in bookshelf the room will be awesome” type projects.  It all started when we were house hunting for  our first house.  We have champagne taste on a beer budget.  Everything we […]

Happy Halloween!! {Yee haw Cowboy!}

halloween (1 of 13)

Halloween was SO much fun this year, as I thought it would be due to Sam’s age.  He couldn’t believe that all you do is walk up to someone’s front door, say “trick or treat”, open your bag and people would respond by giving you candy?!  Craziness.So our little cowboy had a blast.  A big […]