36 Weeks

36 weeks

Week: 36 Size:  Honeydew Baby’s job this week:  Working on lung development, baby is just about ready to breathe on his/her own.  Kidney and liver are in working order.  Just packing on the pounds! Symptoms:  Swelling has arrived.  I’ve really noticed it in the last week.  I can no longer wear my wedding band and […]

Transformation Tuesday {Master Closet}


This was way overdue.  Prior to this overhaul, Ryan was keeping his clothes in a dresser and the closet in the nursery.  None of his things were in our bedroom which drove me crazy.  However, our closet wasn’t functional and it was a hot mess when we tried having both of our things in the […]

{Emotionally} Recovering from Sam’s Birth


If you’ve followed the blog since Sam, you’re probably wondering what my birth plan is this time around.  If you haven’t, you will want to read this, this and this.  To sum up my first birth, I planned for a natural delivery, end up being 10 days past due and needing to be induced, Pitocin […]

35 Weeks

35 weeks

Week: 35 Size:  Coconut Baby’s job this week:  Working on lung development, brain development and packing on the pounds. Symptoms:  Having round ligament pain more frequently.  Especially towards the end of the day.  Thankfully, my swelling has been minimal this time around.  May be the difference between having a winter baby vs summer.  However, I have enough […]

Transformation Tuesday {Bathroom #1}


Each one of the bathrooms in our house are a different color.  We have a delightfully blue bathroom, right off of the kitchen.  A just peachy master bathroom and until 2 weeks ago, a classic pink hall bathroom.  The neighborhood kids even call the bathrooms by their color.  “Mrs. S.  Can I go to the […]