DIY Bridal Bouquet


There are a few things in life that can instantly put me in a good mood.  Christmas music in July, belly laughs from a baby, Ryan walking through the door after work and anything wedding related can turn my frown upside down.  My spirit comes alive when I get to dabble in the wedding world. […]

Sweet Summer Time

samadeline hug

Oh, how I am so thankful for the warm {hot} weather.  I use to love the end of Fall and Winter.  Now that I have a toddler with a crazy amount of energy, I fear that time of the year.  The weather dictates what we can and can’t do and most of the time I’m trying […]

3 Months

3 Months

Your personality is coming out and we adore you!  You talk all the time now and smile on demand.  You are also holding your head up so well and even pushing your upper body up with your hands to get a good look around.  You are definitely a thumb/finger sucker!  You aren’t as reliant on […]

Budgeting 101: Savings


This took some major practice.  It was not easy to get use to our new normal with just one income.  For the first couple of months we were still living as though we had two.  Constantly pulling money over from savings to cover our over spending.  The really irritating part is that we weren’t spending […]

Budgeting 101: Grocery


Getting this monthly spending down is what I am the most proud of.  I could not believe how much money we were spending wasting at the grocery store each month.  You know that super delicious recipe you pinned on Pinterest that calls for nothing you have in the fridge or pantry?  Yeah, I made those, A […]