BLW Week 1

Finn Solids3

What an exciting week it has been!  Finn started solids last week and we are following a baby led weaning approach.  With Sam, I started with pureed foods {sweet potatoes, avocado, carrots} and it started off on a good note but quickly went south.  About 4 weeks in he developed an aversion to food of any […]

Potty Training


Let me first start off by saying a little bit about our parenting style.  I equate it to ripping a band aid off.  I know what the end goal is and I’m not interested in taking the scenic route.  This has worked well for us, and Sam, to not dance around our expectations for him […]

Finn’s Woodland Nursery


I so love how Finn’s nursery turned out.  It has a very cozy feel to it.  We decided early on that our sweet Finn would have a woodland themed nursery.  My favorite part of the room is the tree wall Ryan designed.  Ryan painted the wall with chalkboard paint and then drew the trees free […]

5 Months


The biggest thing that happened this month is the arrival of two pearly white teeth!  I couldn’t believe it when I felt something sharp on my finger.  I love a toothless baby but oh man, there is nothing sweeter than your smile right now. You weighed in at 18.8lbs and 27 inches long at the […]

Our Year with Sam!


Kind. Curious.  Compassionate.  Opinionated.  Hilarious.  Creative.  Athletic.  Outgoing.   These are just some of the words that come to mind to describe who you are right now.  You’re 39lbs and 40 3/4 inches tall!  Still 95% for both height and weight.  What a fun year it has been Sammy!  You were the ring bearer in […]