Our Year with Sam!


Kind. Curious.  Compassionate.  Opinionated.  Hilarious.  Creative.  Athletic.  Outgoing.   These are just some of the words that come to mind to describe who you are right now.  You’re 39lbs and 40 3/4 inches tall!  Still 95% for both height and weight.  What a fun year it has been Sammy!  You were the ring bearer in […]

Breastfeeding Journey with Finn


When I was pregnant with Finn, one of the experiences I looked forward to most with having another baby was getting to breastfeed again.  I so loved it with Sam.  Yes, it was very difficult at the beginning with Sam but once we got the kinks worked out it was smooth sailing…until he was 5 […]

Sam is 3!


We had so much fun with you this year Sam.  I’m pretty sure we will say that every year but it just keeps getting more fun!  You voiced a lot of requests this year for your birthday, which I’m sure one day I won’t appreciate as much as I did this year  You’re just that […]

Confessions of a stay at home mom

Leah and Ryan (10 of 1)

I’m still so excited that I get to be in the “stay at home mom” club.  It’s a hat not everyone wants to wear and I totally understand that.  I definitely have days where I think to myself, “I so wish I was anywhere but here today.”  Those are usually the days where my 3 […]

Weekend Fun


Hope everyone had a great weekend!  We had an absolute blast this past weekend visiting family and friends.  This will probably end up being one of my favorite weekends to look back on for the year. We spent Friday with Ryan’s dads side of the family.  I always bust out my good camera when ever […]